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30 September

Pencil holding fingers – an editing workshop How do you feel about the editing process?  Is it something you relish, or something you find difficult and face with a sense of dread? Almost exactly a year ago, I attended an … Continue reading

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23 September

The Undercover Cop I would say I was an unconfrontational person.  I don’t like arguments or fall outs.  I don’t like to be on the receiving end of anyone’s animosity, negativity or anger.  Stems from my childhood I think, where school was … Continue reading

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16 September

This week, I had a fancy to do something where a bit more audience participation was required… so, here follows the opportunity for you, the reader, to have a bit of a gas about your favourite book (yes, just one) … Continue reading

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9 September 2011

Those of you who read last Friday’s blog (2 September) may recall that I mentioned my first attempt at a novel, which I kind of discarded, on the basis that the plot action was underdeveloped and the pace of the … Continue reading

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2nd September 2011 To Plot… or Not Recently, I started writing my first YA novel. It was going well, the words falling like raindrops when… I got stuck, or came unstuck, whichever way you like to look at it. Although … Continue reading

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