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19th June 2013

Piccadilly, Puppies and a School Visit Tool Kit. Yesterday, I was in Burton on Trent at William Shrewsbury School doing school visitty stuff.  My publisher, Piccadilly Press, are now part of Templar Publishing and had put together a lovely promo … Continue reading

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27th February 2013

WORLD BOOK DAY! Oh yes, it’s that time of year again, and I LOVE IT!  World Book Day this year is on 7th March.  There are games, resources and a book review competition on their official website (see link above) and … Continue reading

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17th August 2012

Where is Grub? Many of you will know about the Ruby and Grub books (well, I hope so… I’d like to think you do), written by yours truly and illustrated by Sarah Warburton, some of whose work you can see here, and … Continue reading

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4th May 2012

Derbyshire Literature Festival It’s always good as a writer to be involved in local activities that get children, and people of all ages, involved in literature, in a more pro-active way. We’re very lucky in Derbyshire to have a literature … Continue reading

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2nd March

How to get cream-crackered and a lump in the throat at same time Firstly, for non UK readers, cream-crackered is slang for… erm… very tired, exhausted, wrecked… that kind of thing.  School visits do that.  They are also decidedly lovely, for many … Continue reading

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17th February

Not THIS one… but the one after I think it’s fair to say that there’s a strong feeling for most writers of wanting to be published… but perhaps ‘strong feeling’ isn’t strong enough – maybe ‘desperation’ is closer to the truth.   That’s certainly how I … Continue reading

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4th November

Launching Grub’s Pups Okay, so the date for publication of Grub’s Pups was closing in on me, and I had this idea… why don’t I have a book launch?  Then I had this other idea… no, let’s not, too scary.  … Continue reading

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